The First Step…

I love cooking.


I love affordable, healthy, easy to make, flavoursome food. No frills, no weird ingredients you’d buy once then never use again. Like Star Anise. Or Fish sauce… I never made THAT mistake again… And I love making it myself.

I hate measurements, I’m a fan of the “Shur, fuck it in and see” School of Cuisine. I don’t own a food processor but I do own a hand blender. Other than that, a pot, a frying pan, wooden spoon and off we go. And the results, so far, have been delicious.

Everything I make, I’ll throw down the recipe. Which, like most other recipes, is a variation on someone else’s. I won’t hide that from you. I’ll put down the price too, if I can work it out. And measurements, though it kills me to do so…

And everything, absolutely EVERYTHING will be vegetarian. I will sometimes go Vegan, because lads, it really isn’t as scary as some people think. Especially meat eaters. But even if you do eat meat, you will find some great easy ways to add more lovely vegetables into your diet. And some things will be gluten free too.

Also, I won’t lie on this. I eat the bad things too. All the time. I try to be good but life is busy. Chips are my absolute downfall. And to make sure you believe me, I’ve put up a picture of me shoving Pizza into my face, washed down by some beer. Classy.

I can work up to five jobs in one week. I do a lot of things so my schedule can be all over the place. Packing lunch is the best thing to do. And fruit. Never put a limit on the amount of fruit you eat.

So that’s the little introduction to me. I’ll be adding recipes and pictures when I get a chance.

I hope you enjoy them all as much as I do.

Cara xxx


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