Adventures in Eating


I had an amazing time on my holidays. I can’t believe it’s all over now. Two weddings in different countries, a trip to London and my first time at the wonderful Glastonbury festival. I must start planning the next trip to get me out of this slump. Thank God the weather is sunny here in Dublin.

I managed to try some lovely vegetarian restaurants on my way too. First stop was London where we spent two days before heading to France for Steph and Tim’s wedding. Laura, Steph’s sister recommended we try Mildred’s in Soho as many vegetarians she knows visit on a regular basis. I am so glad we did! I wasn’t too hungry and was unimpressed by this as I obviously wanted to try EVERYTHING! So I ordered two small sides while himself ordered a tofu and lentil burger. I ordered smashed avocado with purple tortilla chips and fresh summer vietnamese rolls. The rolls came with the most amazing peanut sauce. We were both drooling over it.

11693237_831369457154_463816613_n 11715856_831369452164_1183624275_n

Then we jumped on a plane and headed to sunny France where we spent the next four glorious days celebrating the marriage of one of my oldest and dearest friends. We sang accompanied by guitars late into the night, drank insane amounts of wine, had a pool party with Bloody Mary’s and of course, the wedding itself. I had the pleasure of being a bridesmaid and enjoyed every moment of it. The stunning couple chose an amazing vegetarian option and vegan was available too so considering himself doesn’t like cheese or eggs, it was perfect. IĀ managed to take a photo of the menu but alas, the food didn’t last long enough for me to snap it up.


I am a big cake fan. Cake and Chips. I can’t get enough. So I had to take a picture of that too. The whole thing was nut and egg free too. Stunning. And tasty, lemon and raspberry on the inside!


After I made it home in one piece from France, I had a day of rest and to wash all my clothes before heading off to Glastonbury! I made a lovely salad on my day off but I will keep that recipe for another post. I had to use up whatever was in the fridge. Then off I went to Glastonbury and fell down the rabbit hole. No internet, only texts and the occasional phone call to himself. I totally missed the American Supreme Court making it legal for gay couples to marry which is huge news! G’won the States! There were plenty of Vegetarian stalls. I had some amazing veggie sushi rolls, a stall which I have always wanted to see at Irish Festivals, lots of falafel, nachos and of course, chips… I can’t help myself. The music, weather and company were all superb too. An amazing few days. I won’t be able to forget drinking Prosecco out of a coffee cup sitting on a picnic blanket singing along to all of Bert Bacharach’s hits. Or the sun going down over The Park stage as Jamie XX pumped out the hits as a giant disco ball rotated above his head. OR Arcadia, the stage that IS a huge mechanical spider. That show was amazing!! Aerialists, electricity, pumping music and flames shot so high, the heat would hit you like a tonne of bricks! Here’s an amazing picture I found of the men shooting electricity and Jamie’s show at sunset.

11411939_10153395204368449_4233954593037443332_o11018919_934034609950679_1657410029863589281_n11692627_10155807408165241_5361668953933822448_n11665614_830317061164_8462633468625027345_n (1)

I made it home in one piece anyway and the next day we were on the road to Cork for my Father’s wedding to his partner Fionnuala of eleven years. The two of them have been vegetarian for years now so I knew this would be another wedding where choosing something to eat wouldn’t be a problem. The evening before the wedding, we took a trip into the city and had the early bird menu from Cafe Paradiso, one of the most famous veggie restaurants in the country. There is no where like it in Dublin. It is a proper sit in restaurant, where the staff wait on you and you don’t have to queue up for a hot counter. Fine dining but without the meat. I had a gorgeous goat’s cheese salad to start and we both had the Chilli Tofu with Pak choi, rice noodles in a lovely peanut sauce/broth. Then himself chose a gorgeous strawberry meringue for dessert.


I would definitely go back but I would need to have a few more notes in my wallet. It isn’t cheap but is really worth it. The chef has four cookbooks for sale as well. I am a bit disappointed I didn’t buy one now. Maybe next time I’m home I’ll pop in.

The meal at the wedding was delicious. I chose goat’s cheese and Mediterranean vegetables for starters. A gorgeous butternut squash soup was up next for seconds. The main was a Spanish tortilla with spinach, rocket, mushrooms and a duck’s egg while a trio of desserts finished off the whole meal. The cake again was exquisite with one layer being Victoria sponge, one being biscuit cake and fruit cake as the third.


As a witness for my Father at the ceremony, I was up before the meal to make a speech. I had written it that morning and thought I was being suitably witty. Then the second I started trying to speak, I burst into tears and spent the rest of the speech trying to keep it together. And failing. But it was an amazing day and now I can’t believe the last two weeks are over. I have memories that will stay with me for all of my life. I am so blessed to have played a part in both my dad and Steph’s weddings. Two people I have known such a long time and hold so dear. I think the title picture sums it all up really. It was a Love Quote that I found on someone else’s menu at Steph’s wedding. She had one for every guest and I just thought it was gorgeous. It could also relate to how I feel about chips….

So I will leave you on that note and will get back to posting recipes tomorrow.

After I do a huge food shop… there is only a bag of some sad looking carrots in the fridge…


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